About Us

About Us

We are always with you思いっきりハイキック! DVD-BOX III チョン・イル 新品. This is our About Us page for your kind informationヤマケン 積層サンド式カラーまな板M-150A H33mm濃ピンク【 まな板 カッティングボード 業務用 業務用まな板 】【 メーカー直送/代金引換決済不可 】. We are committed to all new users that every time we will provide some important【資格試験の合格対策なら】ユーキャンの通関士通信講座(分割払い), awesomeオリバーガル【LUXURY SHOPPING BAG】, unbelievable煌びやかで華やかなモダン仏具【安定感のある円柱型:キラビカリ カトレア彫金 6具足セット 3.0寸】現代調仏具【smtb-td】【RCP】, significant【WaterfordクリスタルLismore Essenceアイスバケット】 b002llbpzk, special tips and tricks including infoFIGARO(フィガロ) FALC-11 アルコールチェッカー PC通信キット付 35200000210, results and circular which is so helpful for your good computer based task and exceptional future【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 中量キャスターラック NKR-1345WGK.

Most of the man wants to know simple tips and tricks about computer and technology【ふるさと納税】ダストストッカー 『ゴミ出し日和』 300L CLS-130S. We can serve more tips and tricks including hobby circuit design遠藤商事 18-8中華包丁差 斜め型 AHU8401【S1】. Before comments see our About Us page below the articles. Any fake comments must be disapproved and please read carefully About Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and then Contact Me.

If any questions about our tips and tricks Contact Me and we will try to solve your problems.

Here is the short profile of about us for your kind information.


CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) department:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Nuhil Mehdi Mishu
Chief Executive Officer
B.Sc in Computer Science


PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, REST API, WordPress, Objective-C, Unix Environment, Apache, Cloud Infrastructure, Scalability and web application developer, who likes the LAMP environment for developing API centric apps with Zend, Laravel, Kohana, and finds fun in Mobile application development with Objective-C, Java and HTML5 for iOS,Android  and lastly strict on cool UI/UX.


Tips and Tricks including all content department:

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Niaz Mehdi Mahi
Chief Information Officer
Honors with Masters Degree
National University.
Diploma in Computer Science.
Diploma in Medical Technology.


I am very skilled and energetic in computer based task since 1996 such as Web Design, CMS, CSS, HTML, WordPress, Content writing, Blog writing, Data Entry, M/S Word, M/S Excel, (M/S Office), Illustrator, Photo Shop, Paint, Graphics Design, Change Background of Image, Logo Design, Proof Reading, Translating, Computer Trouble Shooting, Software Management, Hobby circuit, Computer Tips and Tricks, online solution etc.


Hardware and Troubleshooting Section:

Hardware Specialist ( HS)

Monjur Hasan Lishu
Hardware Specialist
Diploma in computer science


I am expert in computer hardware and troubleshooting. Motherboard, Processor, HDD, RAM, FDD, VGA, AGP, CD ROM, DVD ROM, Writer, Power Supply, Cooling, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, AC and DC Power, Head Phone, Modem, Mobile Hardware and all the trouble may be solved from our section.


Customer Care Unit:

Front Desk Officer (FDO)

Nipa Monalisha
Front Desk Officer