83rd (previously) and 84th prize bond result 2016 has been published

84th Prize bond result 2016 has been published. Prize bond draw result 2016 has been published. 84th prize bond draw result 2016 powered by Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh government has introduced Prize Bond scheme in many years ago. Most of the people like the prize bond draw. It held interval time 3 months. Prize bond draw result dated are given below –

  1. 31st January (Year)
  2. 30th April (Year)
  3. 31st July (Year)
  4. 31st October (Year)
  • You can search single or multiple numbers at a time. For single number please type the number only (not series) and then click search button.
  • For multiple numbers, If you have numbers serially, then you can search all your numbers by simply typing as: 1st number ~ last number. e.g. 0012345~0012349
  • Or if you have multiple prize bonds which are not organized serially, then you have to type all numbers separated by comma(,) e.g. 0030401, 0123901, 1234708.
  • Or you can type numbers as 0012345~0012349, 0030401,0123901, 1234708.

Please see The official web site of Bangladesh Bank. For Searching the above formula. You can get more tips from them.

83rd (previously) and 84th prize bond result 2016 has been published

You can get 83rd prize bond draw results 2016 from below see the image or you can download the pdf format from below.

Prize bond result 83rd draw

prize bond draw result

This is the 84th prize bond draw results below see the image.

84th prize bond draw result

73rd prize bond draw result-2013
74th prize bond draw result 2014

75th prize bond draw result 2014
76th prize bond draw result 2014

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You can Download the pdf format click here

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