Basic idea about human body (part one).

Basic idea about human body.

This is the simple tips basic idea about human body. We are providing some tips for all the new users. Basically human body is the awesome kingdom of the world. There are so many big, bigger and biggest tips about the human body, i know. but we can try to help for basic idea about human body. We will provide you all the awesome images about human life and environment.



(Complete Human Body)

(Part one)


1. Define cell? Functions of cell?

Cell is the structural and functional unit of living organism.


Functions of cell:


  • Ingestion and assimilation,
  • Growth and repair,
  • Metabolism,
  • Respiration,
  • Excretion,
  • Irritability and conductivity.

2. Define tissue? Classify tissue with example?

Groups of specialized cells that are similar in structure and perform a common or related functions are called tissues.



  • Epithelial tissue-Body surface,
  • Connective tissue-Blood, bone,
  • Muscular tissue-Muscle,
  • Nervous tissue-Brain, Spinal cord.


3. Define Bone? Functions of bone?

Bone is a specialized hard connective tissue.


Functions of bone:

  • The structure of the human body
  • Support the human body
  • Helps to movement
  • Helps for attachment of muscle, tendons and ligaments
  • Helps to prevent any injury
  • Major reservoir of Calcium
  • It protect the internal vital organ like heart, lungs and brain
  • Bone marrow forms the RBC of blood
  • More functions



4. Define Blood? Give the normal value of RBC, WBC and platelet?

Blood is a specialized fluid connective tissue in which there is liquid intercellular substances (plasma) and formed elements (RBC, WBC and platelets) suspended in the plasma which circulates in closed system of blood vessels. It is red, thick and slightly alkaline.


RBC                     : 4.5-5.5 million/cubic mm of blood

(Life span= 120 days),

WBC                    : 4000-11000/cubic mm of blood

(Life span= one hour to few days)

Platelet                : 2-4lacs/cubic mm of blood

(Life span= 8-12days).



5. Properties of Blood into the Human body?


  • Blood volume-5-6litres
  • Normal reaction- alkaline
  • pH-7.36—7.45
  • Specific gravi-1052-1060
  • Temperature-36-38 c
  • Osmosis–25-30mm of Hg
  • Colour-Red, hue to presence of RBC
  • Taste-Salty


6. What is Digestion? Purpose of Digestion?

Digestion may be defined as a physiological process by which complex food particles are broken down into simple form suitable for absorption and subsequent utilization.



  • Supply energy to the body for activity
  • For the growth of the body
  • For the repair of wear and tear
  • For the reproduction and lactation.



7. What is Balanced Diet: Mention its Criteria?

Balanced diet is one of the compositions which contains all the proximate principles(e.g-protein,Fat,and,carbohydrat) minerals and vitamins in due proportions and at the some times meeting the total energy requirement for maintaining health vitality and well being of a person.



  • Easily available,
  • Sufficient to satisfy taste ,
  • Diet should palatable
  • It should be easily digestible absorption,
  • It should contain sufficient vegetable and fruits.



8. How Food passes from Mouth to Anus?


  • Mouth,
  • Oesophagus,
  • Stomach,
  • Small intestine:
  1. (a) Duodenum,
  2. (b) Jejunum,
  3. (c) Ilium,
  • Large intestine:
  1. (a) Caecum,
  2. (b) Ascending colon,
  3. (c) Transverse,
  4. (d) Descending colon,
  5. (e) Sigmoid colon,
  6. (f) Rectum,
  7. (g) Anus.



9. What is Reproduction?

It is the process by which in individual produces its offspring.



  • To maintain own species in the world.
  • To increases the member for existence.



  • Sexual reproduction- It occurs by sexually contact of male and female.
  • Asexual reproduction-It occurs by simple division of unicellular organism.


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