How to cancel friend request on Facebook?

Introductions about the tips:

How to cancel friend request on Facebook? All users can like the post. Though this is for new users. Because I am for you who are not able to finish the same task How to cancel friend request on Facebook?

This is very fantastic item if you are different from other. Every users don’t want to hold for a long time, their pending friend request. But I think this is not right. You are a genius man of the world so your all pending request may be hold for a month or more.Normal users can be used normal categories but scientific users not to be used the same again. However this tips will help you How to cancel friend request on Facebook?

How to cancel friend request on Facebook?

  1. No need large article for notepad
  2. Just a simple code copy and paste instantly
  3. Then you can remove or cancel or delete friend request from Facebook.

For example that purpose:

You are an exceptional users in the Computer World. Generally when you send a friend request for adding some friends to your list, but some of the friend don’t want to join with you so, that time you can cancel the list very easily.

How to cancel friend request on Facebook?

cancel pending requestpending requestpending request total

How to cancel friend request on Facebook?

Follow the tips and get a good results:

First Step:

  1. Go to the address
  2. Click Find Past Requests
  3. See the image below
  4. Here is the app

Second Steps:

  1. Click on the Get Find Request data
  2. A small pop up window will appear
  3. Select all the code(text) from the box or Ctrl+A
  4. Click inside the box below and paste the code or Ctrl+V
  5. Click load past requests.

Third Steps:

  1. You can see the total list like (You have 45 pending friend requests) ( see the images)
  2. Now manually you can cancel your pending requests

Now this is ready for you for all time.

  1. See you facebook account you will get-
  2. Left side panel in the middle position under the Apps
  3. Pending friend requests
  4. And from now you can cancel it easily. (see the last image)

 How to cancel friend request on Facebook?

If any problems to finish the task:

  1. Image must be followed
  2. Copy the all text
  3. Paste into the box properly
  4. Further help please contact us.
  5. My Google+ profile

Caution: This is not may be solid methods for all users. You must read all of the terms and conditions, privacy and policy and more help topics of world largest and greatest social network Facebook.

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