How to set text boundaries?

How to set text boundaries? Vertical, Horizontal Scroll Bar and Vertical Ruler?

This is the important tips for Microsoft Word users. Who are able to type speedily. You can set Microsoft Word Text Boundaries and Vertical, Horizontal scroll bar, ruler etc and most essential for that purpose.

To  submit Text Boundaries outside of the page and When you are writing or printing that document, it can save some missing text from the print. This is an area also.


How to set text boundaries?




Tips for that purpose: How to Set Text Boundaries?

1. Open Microsoft Word Document New File
2. Click Tools
3. Click Options
4. Click View
5. Click the check box – Text Boundaries ( See the images )

You can set also Vertical Scroll Bar, Horizontal Scroll Bar, Vertical Ruler etc.

6. Click OK

Then Completed to set Text Boundaries for M/S Word file.

You can change many more what you want for your Microsoft Word Document File.

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