How to speak your computer?


How to speak your computer? Every users want to know an exceptional tips and tricks. We are committed to provide you more tips and tricks. Just I want to believe. And need more times for best performances. This is the simple tips speak your computer. This tips will help you as a talk kit software. You can write in the box and computer will speak that.

  1. One time set
  2. No need any software
  3. Just a Note pad tips

For example:

We have provided good tips like control your computer with voice command. But here is another tips from skytipsbd that help your computer will speak what you are typing. Just opposite part of that.

See the images and How to speak your computer?

How to speak your computer?

How to speak your computer?

How to speak your computer?

How to speak your computer?

Follow the tips:

  1. Click or Open any drive where you need to create vbs file
  2. Right click on the mouse
  3. Click Text Document or Notepad
  4. Write the code into the Notepad

Message=InputBox(“This is”,”computer as a bird”)
Set Speak=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
Speak.Speak Message

  1. Save the Notepad ( speak.vbs )
  2. Double click the “speak” logo file ( see the images)
  3. Type the text as you wish ( I love you. Please don’t forget me. Just i want to believe.
  4. Click OK

if any problem:

1. Check speaker line

2. Check Head Phone line

3. Contact Us

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