Some most important abbreviation and elaboration

Some Most Important Abbreviation and Elaboration?

Here is some most important Abbreviation and Elaboration for all users. Please Comment us if any mistake. USB, UPS, LED, LCD, AM, PM, SIM, HDMI, etc.

Some Most Important Abbreviation and Elaboration


Some Most Important Abbreviation and Elaboration?

Abbreviation Elaboration
HDML Handheld Device Markup Language.
HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface.
Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity.
SIM Subscriber Identification Module.
WWW World Wide Web
TF Trans Flash.
USB Universal Serial Bus.
Micro SD Micro Secure Digital.
LED Light Emitting Diode.
LCD Liquid Crystal Display.
PC Personal Computer.
.com Company.
.info Information.
.org Organization.
.net Network.
.bd Bangladesh.
.gov Government.
AM Ante Meridian. Latin = before midday.
PM Post Meridian. Latin = after midday.
AD Anno Domini.
BC Before Christ.
GPS Global Positioning System.
GPRS Global Packet Radio Service
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply.
IPS Instant Power Supply
Triple Three Numeric Number (222).
Tetraple Four Numeric Number (2222).
SMS Short Message Sending.
MMS Multimedia Message Sending.
PIN Personal Identification Number.
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics
LAN Local Area Network.
WAN Wide Area Network
HDD Hard Disk Drive.
FDD Floppy Disk Drive.
RAM Random Access Memory.
ROM Read Only Memory.
CD Compact Disc.
DVD Digital Video Disc (versatile).
Cc Carbon Copy.
Bcc Blind Carbon Copy
e.g. Exempli Gratia (for example).
i.e. Id Est (in other words).
PATA Parallel ATA
CPU Central Processing Unit
PDF Portable Document Format
XL Extra Large
DOS Disk Operating System
b bit
B Byte
KB Kilo Byte
MB Mega Byte
GB Giga Byte
TB Tera Byte
PB Peta Byte
EB Exa Byte
ZB Zetta Byte
YB Yotta Byte
JS Java Script
JRE Java Runtime Environment
J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition
J2ME Java 2 Micro Edition
J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition
UNIX Uniplexed Information and Computer System
PnP Plug and Play
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
MP3 Motion Pictures Layer–3
MPEG Motion Pictures Experts Group
AMR Adaptive Multi Rate
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
BIOS Basic Input Output System
DPI Dots Per Inch
RTC Real Time Clock
FAT File Allocation Table
NTFS New Technology File System
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment
VGA Video Graphics Array
SVGA Super Video Graphics Array
QVGA Quarter Video Graphics Array
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
PNG Portable Network Graphics
CD-R CD-Recordable
CD-ROM CD Read-Only Memory
CD-RW CD-Rewritable
DVD-R DVD-Recordable
DVD-ROM DVD-Read Only Memory
DVD-RW DVD-Rewritable
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DIVX Digital Video Expres
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
SQL Structured Query Language
PHP Pre Processor Hypertext
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
XML EXtensible Markup Language
ISP Internet Service Provider
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
WAP Wireless Access Point
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
DNS Domain Name System
VOIP Voice over Internet Protocol
VPN Virtual Private Network
URL Uniform Resource Locator
IP Internet Protocol
IT Information Technology
ICT Information and Communication Technology
CSE Computer Science & Engineering
EEE Electrical and Electronics Engineering
OS Operating System
etc Etcetera
IoT Internet of Things
AI Artificial intelligence
AID Agency for international development
USAID United States Agency for International Development
UKAID United Kingdom Agency for International Development
AUSAID Australian Agency for International Development
SSD Solid State Drive
WiFi Wireless Fidelity
LAN Local area network

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