What is call conferencing?

Introductions about the tips:

What is call conferencing? Call Conferencing is a transferring and receiving voice call to maximum another five mobile phone number at a time. When you are a leader and you need to call some staff within the same time then you can set your voice call to other mobile phone number about 5 or more instantly and this is called Call Conferencing.

What is call conferencing?

What is call conferencing?

Though it’s depend by Mobile Phone network. But this time every mobile phone operator gives that service and when you will send the phone call from your number the you can call again to a new number same time. So, the charge will applicable from your Main (Master) phone number.

This is also used by some category where you are busy and need to call more number.

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Follow the tips and get a good results:

1. Just Dial a Call at First
2. Hold the Number
3. Select Make a New Call
4. Dial a New Number
5. Select SIM 1 or SIM 2 Call ( If you are a two SIM card users)
6. Select Call Conferencing
7. Then again Dial a New Number
8. Type the Number where you want to voice call
9. and It is Done

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