Basic idea about Computer (Part Three)

This is the basic idea about Computer. This is only for new users. You can learn about the Parts and more. This is the basic idea about computer. You can only learn a little bits about a computer. I think Computer is a  largest kingdom of our world. So please don’t be mindful for my tips. After completed the topics you will get an idea about a Computer or it’s related subject.

I already said that you have to learn more more. As a result you will success. Computer is a programmable electronic device. The word computer comes from word compute which means to calculate. Hence a computer is normally considered to a calculating device.

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Basic idea about Computer (Part Three)

The mother board is the main circuit board in a computer system. It provides a way for hardware in a computer to communicate with each other. The mother board serves to connect all of the parts of a computer together. The CPU, Memory, HDD, RAM, DVD, Video Card, Sound card and other devices all connect to the mother board directly or via cable.

basic idea about computer

The brain of any computer system that takes all major decisions, makes all sorts of calculations and directs different parts of the computer functions by activating and controlling the operations. Processor acts like the supervisor seeing that things are done in proper function. The Processor determines the sequence in which computer programs and instructions are executed. There by it coordinates the activities of computer’s peripheral equipment as they perform the input and output.

Processor Core 2 Duo

A hard disk provides much greater storage capacity than a floppy disk. A hard disk usually consists of several circular disks on which data, instructions, and information are stored disks are enclosed in an airtight, sealed case, which often is housed inside the system unit.


Random Access Memory is a Primary Memory that the microprocessor uses to store data during processing. This memory is volatile. When a software application is launched, the executable program is loaded from hard drive to the RAM. The microprocessor supplies address into the RAM to read instructions and data from it.


Power Supply:
Power supply is the most major parts of a computer. Computer will not execute without a power supply. It varies many different power voltages such as 12volts, 6volts, 4.5volts etc.

Power supply

Key board:
A computer key board contains keys that allow you to type letters of the alphabet, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks and other symbols. A computer keyboard also contains special keys that allow you to perform specific functions on the computer.


A mouse is a small handheld device that contains at least one/two button. The mouse controls the movement of a symbol on the screen called a pointer. For example, moving the mouse across a flat surface allows you to move the pointer on the screen. You also can make choices and initiate processing on the computer by using a mouse.


Monitor is a output device which looks like a television screen, is used to display text and graphics.


A scanner is a light sensing input device that reads printed text and graphics and then translates the results into a form the computer can use. A scanner is similar to a copy machine except that it creates a file of the document instead of a paper copy.


Printer is a out put device. A Printer produces text and graphics, and photographs, on paper or other hard copy medium.

Printer colour

A floppy disk consists of a thin, circular, flexible disk enclosed in a plastic shell. A floppy disk stores data, instructions, and information using magnetic patterns and can be inserted into and removed from a floppy disk drive. A Zip disk is a higher capacity floppy disk that can store the equivalent of about 70 standard floppy disks.

CD –ROM is a Compact Disk-Read Only Memory. A CD-ROM disk is secondary storage that uses optical techniques to read/Write data. It has also vast storage capability.

CD DriveDVD:
Digital Video/Versatile Disk Read Only Memory. This optical drive works on a similar principle to the CD-ROM, with a laser being used to read data stored in pits on the surface of a reflective disk. DVDs are read using a shorter wavelength to light. In addition to having a greater data-density, DVDs may be double side and may be “dual layer”.

DVD Drive

MODEM stands for Modulator – De-Modulator. MODEM used to convert digital signals (to be communicated over an analog channel such as telephone line) to sine waves at the sending end and back to digital signals at the receiving end.


The next tips we will learn more about power supply. How can you check Power Supply without Computer? How to use Power Supply as a external uses like a charger?