Earth Day 2013

KingfisherEarth Day 2013. The world greatest, largest, famous search engine Google have been changed their logo by the cause of Earth Day 2013.

This is the simple article about the polluted mater of Earth, Environment and miscellaneous. My theme is ” Be Clean and Keep Clean “. Most of people knows about our Environment and about our Earth. But they have to need awareness.

See the images carefully what they say………….Oh man, Be Clean and Keep Clean.

Earth Day 2013
The Day begins
The night begins
The Midnight
How awesome the night is!
The Moon goes down
Day begin
Then again start night
Next Year, 2014


Be Clean and Keep Clean

Environment: The term environment implies al the external factors living and non living material and non materials which surround man.

Sanitation: The term sanitation is applied to the science of safe guarding health. The national sanitation foundation of USA has been defined. The way of life, the quality of living that is expressed in the clean home, the clean farm, the clean business, the clean neighborhood and the clean Community. Being a way of life it must come from within the people. It is nourished by knowledge and grows as an obligation and an ideal in human relation.

Environmental sanitation: Environmental sanitation has been defined as the control of those factors in mans physical environment which may exercise or exercise a deleterious effect on his physical environment health and survival.

Physical and Biological Environment:

A) Internal Environment:  1) Cell    2) Tissue   3) Organ

B) External Environment: 1) Physical e.g. Water, Air, Soil
                                     2) Biological e.g. Human being, Animal, Plant
                                     3) Psychosocial e.g. Education, Religion Culture, Belief.

Role of Human in promotion of environment:

Promotion of environment as a human we have a great role which are as follows

1) Provision of safe drinking water – We can visit the community to ensure the
supply of safe drinking water.
2) Disposal of waste – We can take necessary action by the proper legislation to
remove the disposal and all the refuse from our environment.
3) Hazards – We can aware the people about our environmental pollution.
4) Disinfection – We can take all the specific protection.
5) Safe guarding of food – We can visit the all the point of food production.
processing, preparation, storage and distribution places and take necessary
action according to legislation.
6) Control of animal reservoir – He can control the causative organisms.
7) Control of insects – We can take necessary action when any insects pests and
vectors threats the community with specific technique.
8) Provision of good housing – We can aware the people about the benefit of good
9) Management of fair and camps – We can manage the fair and camps and promote
the proper environmental sanitation measures.
10) Any type of disaster when occurred in the community we can take all the
specific protection and measures to maintain the environment.

Methods of refuse disposal.

A) Storage B) Collection C) Carrying D) Removal or final disposal:-

1) Open dumping
2) Dumping in the water
3) Sanitary land filling
4) Incineration
5) Composting
6) Pulverization

Health hazard
Save our children


Health hazards related to unhygienic disposal and pollution of environment:-

1) Pollution of air and it’s create airborne disease
2) Pollution of soil and it’s spreads soil borne disease
3) Pollution of water and it’s spread water borne disease
4) Bad environment it’s propagated flies and occurs fly borne disease
5) Pollution of environment is a source of foul smell as a human nuisance due to ugly sight and bad odour.


Build our life and nature


So, we need population awareness about our Environment and Earth.