How to stop incoming call?

How to Stop incoming call?

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How to stop incoming call? This is the awesome post for every mobile users who don’t want to receive any incoming call to his mobile phone like Stop incoming call. Today we will know how to stop incoming call?

There are many way to stop incoming call. Here is some example.

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Follow the tips and get a good results:

First category you can ON and it is done:- ( If your phone support mode setting )
Check Mode support first by this process-
1. Go to setting options to your phone
2. Go to mode setting type
3. Go to Flight mode

How to stop incoming call?

Here is a extra options that if you need Only SIM One or Two open just select One or Two and cancel this item just select Dual SIM open.

So, No incoming call are present to your phone but you can use another functions like song, images, calender etc.

How to stop incoming call?

Second category:- ( If your phone does not support mode setting or Flight mode options, so Just dial the options )
1. To stop incoming call dial *35*0000#
2. To active or open incoming call dial #35*0000#
3. To stop outgoing call dial *33*0000#
4. To active or open outgoing call dial #33*0000#
5. To stop SMS dial *35*0000*16#
6. To active SMS dial #35*0000*16#

All the options are depend on the operator services. So, we are not liable.

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